Despite the fact that t have been rumors of Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart’s real-life relationship for, like, ever, the actors have yet to confirm or deny that they’re dating off screen, too.

Just because neither Cole nor Lili will confirm their romance status doesn’t mean other Riverdale cast members know how to keep their mouths shut.

Skeet Ulrich, the actor who plays FP Jones on The CW hit, was asked about his co-stars dating IRL and while he didn’t come out and clarify the rumors 100%, he did say some pretty swoon-worthy things about the pair.

Weren’t not saying this is Sprousehart confirmation by any means, but we are saying that fans can’t help but notice that his words mean something.

Skeet just confirmed sprousehart without confirming sprousehart.

Skeet was previously praised by Cole and Lili’s fans after he posted an adorable picture of the rumored couple hugging back in December 2017.

This probably means the blonde came to set to watch Cole and Skeet film, even though she wasn’t involved at all.