In the brand new issue of In Touch magazine, the first-time mommy-to-be what makes her nervous about motherhood and opens up about pregnancy.

Nicole “Coco” Austin says that believe it or not believe it, work is the thing that worries her the most about motherhood.

“This makes people laugh, but I’m very tiny down t. I’m prepared for pain, I just don’t want to go through all the dramatics of tearing.”

“If I do crave something, it’s bubbles,” Coco clarifies.

“I like the fizz in drinks like Shirley Temples.”

“I’ve just gained about 5 pounds!” she says.

Coco tells In Touch she will likely be open to get a Mommy Makeover, but “For now I’m waiting to see how things change, how terrible the stretch marks are.”

Coco doesn’t plan on giving her style once the baby – a girl – comes either.

For the full interview with Coco, including her thoughts on breastfeeding and what the couple plans on naming their little girl, pick up the newest issue of In Touch magazine, on newsstands now