I’ve just arrived in Brighton and made music with a handful of heads and got agitated, so the experience was more or less the same as at Eagle Court As for my shit, I’ve always done dark, dark and lazy rhythms, but the rhythms at Eagle Court and CMPND reflect the wave we were on. Your debut is only a few days away, so we’re gassed to see you in advance. In the middle of your new show, many of your new listeners may not be aware of the unique space that each of you occupies in the scene for this release. I spent a minute working on a solo project called “The directors’ notes say smile, the eyes say otherwise” – until the cosmos is aligned and I can try to clear all the stems. Before the release of this project, Fliptrix met Insta when I was living at the Eagle Court and told me that I could feel my mood. I want to call everyone, but especially Hank Hiller, since I moved to Brighton, we’ve planned and discarded several albums, mainly because of our addiction to spicy chicken. During my previous visits to Brighton, I received small doses of Deludamol, but after I finally discovered Eagle Court, the biggest fog was struck. Many of the songs Eagle Court made are new recordings, because the demonstrations were half asleep or because many heads were talking about the weapons in the room. Vitamin G: I moved to Brighton a few years ago and surfed on several comfortable couches and the seven seas. I’ve always been a fan of the spoken word, especially after hearing about Kojey Radical’s first project. I tried to sleep and hear scary things from the fake album Portishead, Simple Things from Zero 7 or Air’s Premieres Symptoms etc, she gave me my first influences. Eagle Court’ is named after the building w you all lived and played together in Brighton.

Brighton CMPND Speak