Faster than a speeding tweet, reports of film icon Clint Eastwood’s death have circled the globe in less time than it takes to say, “Go ahead. Make my day”.

Almost as quickly, those Eastwood fans clued up enough not to be fooled by what was obviously a hoax took to social media to express their disgust and disdain.

Whoever started the Clint Eastwood death hoax should be punished to death.

Silly people are falling for a hoax claiming Clint Eastwood has died.

Others, initially taken in by the hoax, were dismayed at the lengths the perpetrators went to.

Who pens a fake story for a supposedly real news site, with fake celebrity memorial Tweets?

While it’s not known for certain w the hoax started, the website www.

“Upon entering the residence, police found Eastwood’s deceased body in his bed,” the story read, not entirely convincingly.

As for how Eastwood himself might react to the whole thing we can only imagine.