DALLAS – T were the ways Kyle Korver usually contributes to the Cavaliers’ offense, such as the three 3s he knocked down in the fourth quarter.

“Well, Kyle is big time,” said LeBron James, who found him with a precise bounce pass on Korver’s cut to the basket.

“T’s been a couple games w t’s been some layups,” Korver said.

On his key rebound, w he fended off Yogi Ferrell for the ball but crashed on his bottom and his right elbow on the play, Korver said: “That’s why I try to stay down on the ground, let these other guys jump up t.”

Crowder converted a layup with 11 minutes left in the third quarter, and then at 8:35 drained a 3-pointer and pointed to Korver on the bench.

Korver told him at halftime his next 3-ball was going through the hoop.

“We shot a little bit and halftime and tried to talk through a couple things,” Korver said.

James said his favorite thing about Korver is he’s a “Professional.”