Trevor Justin was 13. Justin was born in Iowa and has laid a solid foundation for the entire music industry. He writes for media such as Music Mayhem Magazine, Mic’d Magazine and Country Sway, and his passion for promoting new and recognized talents is second to none. Since then, Clarke has performed with the famous Nashville Symphony Orchestra, which features platinum performers John Billion and Allen Stone, and has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award. Music Crowns is a global discovery platform for music artists, a place w the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly-signed musicians come to visit. Clarke sees this driving force for new and original music as a natural and upward movement in his or her “career. It is this deep love to attract artists that has led him to create his own public relations company: Perkins Advertising, which is home to many great talents of all genres. Especially for Music Crowns below we present a special version of nudism. The talent of Clark Beckham, who took second place in the “American Idol” in season 14, is indescribable. With captivating and dynamic energy, complemented by his light vocal range, Clark’s musical journey has just begun. Is it Friday? Do you want new music? We have this for you. The last release of “Luckiest Man” is a sober, lyrically beautiful track with deep personal meaning. “At the time of writing this, I was married to a girl in a song for five days. I was madly in love and wanted a song that could only be written by someone who was madly in love at the time, and it was me.

Clark Beckham Sings