Homeland will be back with Season 6 in January 2017 – and t’s two more seasons to come.

Claire Danes’ mind was focused on fitness on Wednesday when she was seen enjoying a beach-side run in Santa Monica.

Clearing her mind: Claire Danes was spotted enjoying a leisurely jog through Santa Monica on Wednesday.

She shunned her running shoes on this occasion, finding in favour of a pair of Converse All Star trainers instead.As such, the screen star was firming up her figure with more of a fast-pace walk than her regular run.

Her workouts certainly seem to be keeping her in shape because she was swinging super-toned arms in a running vest and taking long strides with slender legs, wearing cotton shorts.

Keeping fit: The Homeland actress was looking lean in her running gear.

Claire, who plays Carrie Mathison in the political thriller, is balancing out a healthy mix of clean eating and cheating, she says.

Deadline reports that Homeland will still be on air in 2019 since receiving the go ahead for a Season 7 and a Season 8.Leaking the forthcoming plans for her character, she told Press Herald at the start of June: ‘Part of Carrie’s heroism is that she has not become a cynic.

She’s back: Claire is due to return as Carrie Mathison in 2017, for Season 6 of Homeland.