Showbiz is so fickle as Cilla did with her singing career, it is striking to attain one burst of continual fame.

Although she’d more or less retired from major endeavors by the time she celebrated her 50th anniversary in the entertainment industry in 2013, she was brought to the attention of a younger audience following this past year’s three-part ITV drama predicated on her early career, Cilla.

In some cases, when a living figure is depicted as fine and wholesome, it is simply because they will have good lawyers, but in ITV’s Cilla the niceness dramatised was the truth.

Cilla challenged the stereotypes in both her recording and broadcasting professions.

In Cilla’s versions, any danger was diluted by her grinning kindness.

When Cilla the TV series was shown, some regarded it as premature to make this type of significant play about a still-living figure, but it now stands as perfect obituary for ITV to screen.