On this album Chris spoils us with his elegant version of one of Morrison’s best ballads “Have I Told You Lately“. Chris easily admits that he stumbled across a beautiful song because of Rod Stewart’s version, but given the affection with which he rains from the song , Chris will probably look more in Morrison’s background catalogue. T are other old Isley songs in the collection, including the lovely version of “I Once Had Your Love”, but the album also allows Chris to pay tribute to some his heroes and influences – no more heroic than Sam Cook. Don’t forget, however, that Chris has also been very successful with Isley-Jasper-Easley, and all sensitive soul mates know that the classically trained Jasper has been very successful “by himself” since the trio disappeared. Meanwhile, “For The Love of You” will be released in full on June 1st, but the album will be pre-sold at Amazon and Gold City to celebrate Memorial Day this weekend. Gold City is about to release Chris’s latest feature film, an 8-track concise album named after one of his most popular songs: “For The Love Of You”. And that’s exactly what he did for a while with his label, Gold City Music, a real family business w his family members help him commercially and in a promotion way. Although the credits say otherwise, Chris has written a classic ballad that first appeared on Isley’s LP “The Heat Is On”. The other songs on the album are “Go For What You Know”, “You Are So Beautiful” and “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”; the last two, if I remember correctly, appeared on former C.J. artists. They fit perfectly into the atmosp of this collection, and, you know, the sound of Chris is so familiar that when you hear the whole album it’s like an old friend is passing by. CHRIS JASPER will always be associated with the Isley brothers at the peak of their popularity, and why not? His keyboard skills are unsurpassed, he has a unique and incomparable voice of soul, and he writes, produces and organizes – a kind of sole business – CJ can do almost anything “alone”. Here you can enjoy the new version of “Nothing can change this love” by Sam. You can also enjoy the cover of “God is love” by Marvin Gay. Please contact us, we offer very competitive prices to place your ad on our website.