[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjrOtj5jYNI[/embedyt] And while D’Elia says that Shady still doesn’t speak directly to “him”, “he wrote with Logic – whose fifth album, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, “Homicide” will be released soon – and he says he’s also a big fan of “sound”. How many times have you heard a star say “it was only an honor to be named”? Well, when actor Chris D’Elia says that “he had the honor of being recorded at the end of Logic and Eminem’s new regular single “Homicide”, he does not pretend. “I’ve never talked to Eminem before, he seems like a good guy, but of course he’s great,” says D’Elia, who admits he’s not very good at printing, but for some reason he’s found a way to make a very reliable version of Eminem’s curve and fluidity. I did it from a place of love – so many rappers take themselves so seriously that when they show humility or play with their temples, they go too far,” says D’Elia, a well-known fan of Eminem’s past, who sometimes also stands out in his podcast “Congratulations. The first impression had some reaction to the congratulations w fans said they loved him, so D’Elia released the first video, which in February of this year for a second, a few months after Marshall released his free 11 minutes “by” style. “And I said to myself, “No, don’t do it, give it to him, give it to him, it’s okay,” D’Elia said. But Logic came to thank them and I said, “Hell, yeah. We exchanged compliments and he’s a really nice guy and he wrote to me today: “man, you panicked and people love him. I said, man, it’s great. .