Lee based his script, which is written in rhyme, on the Aristophanes comedy Lysistrata, written in the fifth century B.C., about the woman who led the women of Greece in a sex strike to try to end the Peloponnesian War.

Parris, who previously starred in 2014’s Dear White People and on Mad Men, talked to by phone about gun violence, shooting Chi-Raq on Chicago’s South Side, collaborating with Spike Lee, and what she makes of the notion of sex strikes.

While we were down t, from June 1 when we started shooting to July 9 when we finished, t were over 60 shot dead in the South Side, and I want to say over 300 shot.

I’d start breathing heavy, like, all right Ruth, you’re gonna have me out on these streets? I can use a little more fabric over , over , over .

What do you make of the sex strike idea? Was t ever a moment when you thought that it was too far-fetched? At all sexist? Do you think it’s a feminist act?I think the idea is not so far-fetched? T’s Leymah Gbowee, who posed a sex strike in Liberia, and was a huge part of bringing an end to the second civil war.

If men needed women to do something collectively, they could pose a sex strike.