The drawings are all coloured. “Every time I make a record, I try to think about the packaging, about the graphics, about doing something decent, something that people want. “If we consider how Jman makes his teas, we can only hope that no pancakes were consumed during the production of this album. I have to talk to him about it. “Vadim has twice won the Sony Award for Best Art Album and this time he and Jman as chefs handing out pancakes – or chapatis when you’re in Uganda. Parallel to what happened in 1986, the Manchester Treasury mixed things like The Cure and a long history of electronic music in Britain. Close the circle because the dirty flags came from the speed garage. His latest album, Likkle More, is a collaboration with his former partner Jman and marks a convergence between reggae and the British hip-hop with which Vadim grew up. It’s crazy, because with the little bow he had to play, it’s the basis of string instruments for violins, violas, you know? The basic element of classical music – Beethoven, Mozart – is played with an orchestra that plays strongly with string quartets or multiples of string quartets. T were also the first excursions into the dirty world of Vadim’s hometown, with the 2009 Remix UK Flex “Soldier” with Tottenham’s Misérable 32, as well as with Kyza Smirnoff and the Foreign Beggar Orifice Vulgatron. “When I went to a club and started playing Beyonce and someone asked me to play local music, I couldn’t say it was local just because the rhythms that Beyonce has been using for several generations come from Africa. Is Stormzy a master of ceremonies of crime? ListenVossi Bop’, it’s a hip-hop rhythm. The label boss, David Cecil, and the man in the situation, Daniel Semulema, listen to our conversation and mention how the Kampala audience can hear the local music of people like Chamaeleon or Bobi Wine as strangers when they are played by foreign DJs. I come from this kind of experience, then I go to Macedonia and Greece, w it’s exactly the opposite, a total absence of black influence. When asked what Kano thought of his all-time favorite verse, he chose Wiley’s contribution to the champagne dance of the Pay As U Go garage team. And before you know it, we recorded six tracks, six very good ones. “Vadim’s talent for fusion makes Lacai’s relaxing song swing after Jman’s serrated delivery verse. So, since dancehall and the first pioneers of Saxonism, Tippa Irie and everything that happens , you have General Levy back in the jungle, in what way, in 1993, 1994? Ragga cufflinks, 10 pounds for the ticket, what’s that? 92? And Rebel MC. Has t always been a long-term collaboration going on? “When we started recording I didn’t think it would be an album.

Chasing Sonic Lineages