Comfortable is a proud rapper from Moston, North Manchester who burst onto the scene with “her” debut track, “Hoods Hottest – P110,” which reached nearly 3 million views. CRYSTAL MILLZ – Crystal Mills immediately caught the attention of the British scene with a series of freestyles that quickly put “her” in contention to be Manchester’s best female emcee. LZee – North London rapper LZee is only 16 years old and “he” has already quickly made a name for himself. Ransom FA – Ransom Fa’s rich vocal sound, accent and delivery are unique to the UK rap scene. Lavida Loca – Born in Malawi and raised in South London, Lavida Loca is a fierce MC. Charlie Sloth presents: Hood Heat Cypher Pt. 1 ft.Hood Heat’ is a playlist and live cypher dedicated to a new generation of British hip-hop artists. Known for “her” “raw” and realistic storytelling, Lavida has the versatility to work with dancehall, pop, R&B and trap sounds. Grime-amsy hails from Aberdeen, Scotland, and “her” new album, “Catch Me I’m Local,” is due out soon. Having released only two albums to date, LZee has amassed over half a million streams on various platforms. Comfy’s talent and work ethic will take it even further in 2021. By continuing to use this site, you agree to its use. ← Los Tangiers ft.

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