Vocalist Celine Dion said throughout a heartbreaking interview with USA Today that her husband Rene Angelil wants to die in her arms.

Angelil, 73, has throat cancer and continues to be fed intravenously for just two years.

Nevertheless, Dion’s family doesn’t understand when Angelil will expire.

The couple’s two 4-year old twins, Nelson and Eddy, have no memory of their dad as healthy, so that they cannot mind accompanying their mom to feed Angelil.

In spite of the enormous heartache that comes with seeing the love of her life perish, Dion is attempting to power forward and go back to the stage – she said it’s what Angelil needs of her.

She said she is not certain if Angelil is going to be able to attend her show’s introduction Thursday, but if not, he’ll watch a live feed in the home.