Legendary singer Celine Dion turns 49 today! To mark the occasion, the Canadian songstress shared a photo album on Facebook of candid birthday photos from over the years.

“My songs were being played on the radio, but people did not know who sings that song. And when ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was offered to me, it put me on the map. It gave me a name, so people knew the song and knew who was singing the song. So I will always be very thankful for that song for giving me a career.”

The past year has been a tough one for Dion as her husband passed away in January 2016 after a long battle with throat cancer.

Just last week, the 49-year-old singer also celebrated her mother’s 90th birthday.

“What a privilege for all of us to still have you around,” Dion wrote in the caption.

Dion has certainly made the most of what life has given her and we can’t wait to see what she gets up to next.