Media/technology business Interlude, the video that accompanies the tune is an interactive visual marvel that takes the music video genre to a brand-new degree.

The video opens with a screenshot of a Google search bar, and as Green sings, the lyrics appear in the search box with accompanying results demonstrating on screen.

“First Dates” takes a familiar premise – a woman jilted by way of a scoundrel and turns to love via the web – and turns it into something with guarantee.

While it’s tough to avoid to avoid the “Clean act” likenesses between Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan, the latter’s new TV series “The Jim Gaffigan Show” is anything but a rehash of that show about nothing.

Much like in his real life, Gaffigan plays a stand-up comic who, along with his own wife , is lifting a sizable passel of kids in a tiny New York flat.

“The Jim Gaffigan Show” is evidence the thin line between what is on TV and what is around the net is developing narrower by the day.