Snuggled in at No. 23 is a new entry to the field: a song called “The Night Begins to Shine” by a band called B.E.R. How’d this unknown song, written more than a decade ago, break into the charts? The answer: the cartoon Teen Titans Go! While ‘toon-based singles often get onto the charts only because of corporate overlord plotting, the success of “The Night Begins to Shine” was actually unplanned.

A snippet of the song first appeared on the cartoon in 2014.

In the next season, it became Cyborg’s favorite song – even if fellow Titans didn’t agree with his taste.

On YouTube, fans started playing the song over other cartoons.

Carl Burnett, the “B” in B.E.R., helped write and produce the song.

He’s the one who got the assignment in 2005 to write an ’80s-style song for a music library.