Since then she has produced more than a dozen critically acclaimed feature films, shared stages with Tony Bennett, Diane Warwick, Diana Krall, Abbey Lincoln, Natalie Cole, Al Jarreau, Al Green, Lee Ritenour, Michael Feinstein, Cassandra Wilson and Wynton Marsalis, among others and has performed around the world. We’ve already mentioned Gregory Porter, and it would be easy to draw a comparison with him, especially since Kate’s Souls was produced by Porter’s longtime collaborator Kamau Kenyatta, and Harris, like Porter, has a warm, soulful baritone voice. Yet Allan remains somewhat unknown to the general public in Britain and Europe, despite his spectacular performances at the London Olympics, his regular collaboration with the London Jazz Festival Orchestra, and the fact that a certain Tony Bennett called him “my favorite singer. Harris says songs such as the beautiful “Autumn” on harmonica, the wonderful “99 Miles” and the gentle “New Day” – are songs about the love and hope with which he has been blessed by his family and friends, and if we are as lucky as “him,” we can all relate. Allan will release his latest album, “Kate’s Soulfood,” next month, and early previews show that the 10-track disc may well be the perfect album to introduce Mr. X to a wider and more interested audience. “Kate’s Soulfood” by Allan Harris is out Feb. 12 via Love Productions, and as you may have guessed, it’s a real winner. Soul and Jazz and Funk is an independent site with information and reviews on soul compiled by Charles Waring and Bill Buckley, two of British soul music’s most experienced and respected writers. The album ends with “Run Through America,” a beautifully presented, Harris’ answer to the murders of Amo Arbery, Bronna Taylor, George Floyd and countless others. The term “Kate’s Place” in the title refers to her Aunt Kate’s Soul Food Lunch restaurant around the corner from Apollo, w the singer spent much of her formative years. She has created a very enjoyable personal album that can also speak to all of us. Allan Harris is his own man through and through, and he has done something very difficult.