SAN ANTONIO – With a contentious team meeting apparently not enough to shake the Cleveland Cavaliers from their extended midseason slump, another loss finally convinced coach Tyronn Lue that it is time to shake up his lineup.

“I’m gonna make a change,” Lue said after a 114-102 loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday marked the Cavs’ 10th defeat in 13 games since Christmas Day.

Lue would not reveal which starter or starters he would target with the shuffle.

Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said the team’s explosive meeting recently needs to lead to better play.

The meeting highlighted a division in the Cavs locker room that has become apparent as the months have passed: the old guard, the players who were around for Cleveland’s success the past several seasons, versus the new guard, the eight players added this season, sources told ESPN. Beyond the disappointment of Tuesday’s loss, the fallout from Monday’s discussion blanketed the Cavs locker room at the AT&T Center following the contest.

“I mean, if we’re going to speak out and talk, we got to back it up,” Lue said after the loss to the Spurs.