CLEVELAND, Ohio – Scribbles in my Cleveland Cavaliers notebook after their 98-80 loss to the Indiana Pacers.

Why did the Cavaliers look surprised by the physical play and aggressiveness of the Indiana Pacers.

James said: “They just played inspired basketball and took advantage of everything we wanted to try to do. They were more physical than us at the point of attack, and more precise with what they wanted to do.”

The point is Indiana’s best player set the tone, dominated the game at key points – and the Cavs didn’t consistently attack him defensively.

That’s said, I’ll never pick against James in any Eastern Conference playoff matchup this season.

Lue can’t possibly believe the starting lineup of Jeff Green, Rodney Hood, George Hill, James and Love played well together.

T were a lot of questions about the Cavs having inexperienced players in their “First playoffs.” Among the 10 guys who played meaningful minutes, guess how many were in their “First” postseason? Two.

James led the NBA in total minutes played this season – 3,026.

I wonder if playing James so much in the regular season will cause some fatigue during the playoffs.