Before the Cavs beat Indiana, 105-101, in Game 7, I wrote a column predicting the Cavs would win.

I just believed James would not want his possible final game with the Cavaliers to be a home-court loss in the first round.

This is not to say he’s leaving…It is to say James savors these Game 7 moments.

James also discussed his mindset heading into the game: “I’m not going to leave a Game 7 and, ‘I wish I would have done this…I wish I would have done that.’ I’ll be able to leave the game and sleep comfortably because I’m going to leave everything on the floor.”

Not only did it happen in his last two playoff games with the Cavs in 2010, he fell apart in the last three games of the Finals against Dallas in 2011.

He won his first Game 7, scoring 31 in a 101-88 victory over Boston.

When the Indiana Pacers look back at Game 7, another name probably will come to mind – Tristan Thompson.

James has a 5-2 record in Game 7s, including a five-game winning streak.

After missing Game 5 and 6, he returned to score 11 points in the final 19 minutes of Game 7.