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YoungBoy – With his output in mind

with his output in mind, we’ve gotten to know youngboy very well this is the latest in a string of singles he’s released, continually impressing the masses the baton rouge artist flexes his melodic chops , which is something he’s proven to be very capable of doing in the past

YoungBoy – 2018’s been a busy year for Youngboy

2018’s been a busy year for youngboy, despite the legal battles he had to deal with the rapper delivered his debut album, until death call my name, earlier this year  he’s released three projects since then including decided, 4respect 4freedom 4loyalty 4what important and his collab project with vl deck, kane & o-dog

YoungBoy – A few months ago

a few months ago, youngboy never broke again began to seriously flood the market with content we’ve seen other artists take this approach and rise to the top of their game youngboy’s situation is unique because t are so many new rappers breaking out right now and with the constant flow of music, he can continue...

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