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Vince Staples

Vince Staples – Morby

morby, who until recently was a mount washington resident, will celebrate the peaking lights remix with a show at gold diggers in east hollywood writing via email that he wanted to do something to honor the title track off his debut album, “harlem river,” turning 5 years old this year, he said that the song...

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Vince Staples – In this case

in this case, the audience didn’t need to know the words they felt them they felt the beats, which are jerkier, not in the sense that they’re harder to get into the groove of — they’re actually much groovier than say, “rain come down,” the glitchy ty dolla sign-featuring closer from big fish — but...

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Vince Staples – FM

fm! is not vince staples’ next “official” album an instagram post teasing the release described it as a “special project dedicated to my biggest fan and supporter since day one”: himself fm! was recorded during time off from working on what will be his next lp in that sense, it’s similar to prima donna, the...

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Vince Staples – Dedicated to his “number one fan

dedicated to his “number one fan,” his own younger self, fm! is built around the familiar staples theme of summertime nostalgia it’s cleverly held together by a running motif of interludes borrowed straight from terrestrial radio popular la-area radio host big boy of the long-running morning show “big boy’s neighborhood” ties everything together with sketches...

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