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hiphop – For one thing

for one thing, the grammys keep ignoring rap or downplaying its importance to pop culture it took ten years to embrace the genre, then declined to air the first-ever rap award, causing a boycott and setting the precedent for the next 30 years talk about getting off on the wrong foot that’s why, when the...

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hiphop – In recent years

in recent years, commercial hip-hop’s sonic palette has reached its most experimental point since the days when the jazz rap of a tribe called quest and the native tongues collective ruled the roost sure, t’s always been outliers and boundary-pushing acts on the fringes but now t is a real sense that producers and rappers...

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hiphop – “The Blast article has the unredacted complaint but it’s not a new lawsuit

“the blast article has the unredacted complaint but it’s not a new lawsuit,” the rep told xxl “it’s the unredacted version of the previous filing also, t’s another inaccurate portion about him holding up the ninth album that’s not in the complaint and untrue ” “the blast article has the unredacted complaint but it’s not...

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hiphop – G Herbo is the rapper

g herbo is the rapper formerly known as lil herb, he was part of a wave of rowdy chicago street rappers who swarmed out of the city in the early decade now, herb is known as a raw, authentic street rap presence on the national scene, just outside the mainstream spotlight southside is a trap...

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