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Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters – The will release their ninth album

httpss:// The Foo Fighters will release their ninth album, Concrete and Gold, September 15th via Roswell Records and RCA Records. The band has also announced a new set of fall tour dates as well as a massive one-day festival, Cal Jam 17, set to take place October 7th in San Bernardino, California. A variety of...

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Foo Fighters – Was it a wink

httpss:// Was it a wink, a right back atcha to Dave Grohl’s band covering “Darling Nikki,” the song that two decades earlier had inspired Tipper Gore to go after the music industry? Did he just love the song? As the rain started pouring down, Prince was making an argument for the interconnectedness of all music,...

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Foo Fighters – To address the rumors

httpss:// To address the rumors, the band teased an “Official” announcement on Twitter about their relationship status. That announcement? A prank video published Wednesday night about how they’re splitting up… NOT! The 7-minute-plus piece is one big joke about Grohl leaving the band, which is funny, because HE IS NOT LEAVING. Then the other Foo...

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