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Bob Marley

Bob Marley – would be 72 Monday if cancer hadn’t claimed him in 1981

httpss:// Bob Marley would be 72 Monday if cancer hadn’t claimed him in 1981, and the Guardian has an appropriate celebration: It reports that a trove of recordings once feared damaged beyond repair has been restored in digital format after a year of meticulous work. The cache, consisting of 13 reel-to-reel analog master tapes, was...

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Bob Marley – In honor of National Weed Day

httpss:// In honor of National Weed Day, Snapchat launched a Bob Marley filter that superimposes the late reggae icon’s trademark dreads and beanie – and a noticeably dark skin tone – over users’ faces. Some folks on Snapchat and Twitter were, to say the least, not happy about it, arguing that the filter evokes blackface....

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Bob Marley – A line of marijuana accessories

httpss:// A line of marijuana accessories, hemp body products and what’s being marketed as the first global brand of commercial weed, all bearing the blessing of reggae superstar Bob Marley’s estate, went on sale this week. Backed by Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based private equity firm focused on the cannabis indsutry, the Marley Natural brand is...

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