Let’s all just agree up front that Casey Affleck is an odd choice for an SNL host.

As the world is treated to more and more evidence of Trump’s take on governance and presidential behavior, SNL’s take on Trump continues to shift.

It’s a funny but pretty limited take on Trump, although the question of just how much of Trump’s divisive pandering is part of a power play is open to debate.

When other welcome guest John Goodman shows up as Rex Tillerson, the show continues with the interpretation of Trump as over-his-head dummy, continually interrupting the pair’s in-depth plans to end U.S. oil sanctions and loot Russia’s natural resources to brag about palling around with Kanye West and carry on his Twitter beef with Vanity Fair over their bad review of his steakhouse and oh shit, we’re all going to die.

As with Baldwin’s last outing as Trump, pointing out the bananas real facts about Trump serves as SNL’s way of confronting the idea that Trump’s actual behavior since the election is almost too ludicrous for satire.

Holding up cards about Trump skipping security briefings and antagonizing China, McKinnon’s immediacy as Clinton comes through loud and clear.

Affleck does a funny run trying to hype up the reportedly outstanding Manchester By The Sea while repeatedly acknowledging that it is “a testament to how very sad movies can be.” Conway, after startling Trump: “I’m not a ghost. This is just my face and hair.”Let me tell you something, if you think you can’t run as fast as a dog… you’re right.