The verdict is in on Carrie Underwood’s “New” face.

Fans have been itching to catch a glimpse of Underwood’s face after the singer received 40-50 stitches from a nasty fall in November.

Underwood had said the “Freak random accident” left her “Not quite looking the same” but according to fans who watched the show, no visible scars or marks could be seen on the 35-year-old’s face.

Underwood showed off her face in the first uncovered Instagram photo on April 4.

She provided her fans an update last week, saying her wrist is almost back to normal and her face “Has been healing pretty nicely” after receiving nearly 50 stitches from the fall.

“First off, physically, I’m doing pretty darn good these days! My wrist is almost back to normal, about 90% tand the docs say that last 10% will come in time. And my face has been healing pretty nicely as well,” Underwood wrote.