The problem, of course, was that Fiorina wasn’t telling the truth.

What makes Fiorina such a bizarre presidential candidate is how she handled the follow-up questions the day after the debate.

Talking with reporters Wednesday after a town hall , Fiorina was asked if she misspoke about Keane given the timing of his retirement.

The CNN headline on its piece read, “Despite facts, Carly Fiorina stands by claim about retired generals.”

The same thing came up in September, when Fiorina was caught lying about Planned Parenthood, but instead of walking back her bogus claims, the Republican insisted that fiction is fact.

To be sure, Fiorina isn’t the only presidential hopeful to have been caught saying things that aren’t true.

In recent months, as Fiorina has seen her poll numbers steadily collapse, t’s been quite a bit of chatter about how the Republican businesswoman managed to fall so far, so quickly.