According to Billboard, the New York rapper concert at Bankers Life Fieldhouse was cancelled and postponed just 30 minutes before the concert. The Cardi B concert in Indianapolis on Tuesday night was postponed due to security concerns. Dear Indians, I apologize for tonight. I will be happy to report that I was t w I even rehearsed the new train that struck me on my show. “I want you to know that I was in the place w I even rehearsed the new train that surprised me on my show. The cardio concert at the “House of Life Banker” was rescheduled for September 11th. Although later on the show may be disappointing, it is always important to take sides for safety and caution. A concert is scheduled for tonight at Bankirs Life. Unfortunately, the security threat is being investigated. Cardie apologized to his Indianapolis fans for changing their plants soon. Cardie B. is a musician for Warner.