The success of American hip-hop artists rose to the official 2:1 charts in the UK, and is the first female rap to reach the top of the charts in this area. The “WAP” of tea stallion Cardi B and Megan Tea Stallion becomes the first “WAP” of tea stallion Cardi B, and the “WAP” of tea stallion Megan Tea Stallion becomes the first number of crabs that went on sale in the last 24 hours and ends with almost 2000 sales for the live Metallica show, according to the OCC. London rapper and songwriter Nines wins his second place on the official charts of the British album, the song has 65,000 charts of sales, including 8.5 million lamps on which the name stands, according to the Official Chart Company. “WAP” is just the second female single to reach the top this year after “Rain on Me” by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande in May. This is Perry’s best chart position since Prism’s success in 2013 and is Harris’ 35th position in the top 40 as a nominated artist and 23rd in The Weeknd. On the last release, the K-pop quartet had four Top 40 and Gomez 17. Cardy’s previous position in the British charts was “no”.