The role is probably not so strange for Cardi, who was known as a stripper before he became a star of reality and who is now a personality, a musician and a complete actor. It is based on an article in New York Magazine that describes a series of strip club dancers who use their Wall Street clients’ credit cards as a form of revenge. In your free time you lick prestigious awards and now you can play with Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu. No doubt he did the best remix for “Thotiana” compared to his rival Nicki Minaj, who now blackmails Cardi in his shows. Cardi already has a Grammy and it seems that one day she will want to add an Oscar to her ranking. Cardi has become the most popular rapper of last year. Congratulations on your first role, Cardiana. Working with another actress from the Bronx is probably a good start. What will be different is the inspiration for the film. It’s official. .