I waited for him, I waited for him. It’s like it’s what people aren’t trying to hear, so, okay, I’m going to hit my p*ssy again. “So he listed a series of other rappers that would match what Jermaine Dupri and other critics seem to be looking for, focusing on the texts and messages from the flash hymns and the adjustments at Hotpants. And in this case, instead of going into the two patterns with which men in their rap talk about having sex more or less constantly, she emphasized the reasons why she and other women choose to rape “like strippers”: because that’s what people want, of course. Research Kamaiyah, Rapsody, Earth Whack and newcomer Chika as examples of modern “lyrical” rappers, but she could have continued with 20 other names if she wanted to. Mumble’s rap ruins hip-hop and at that time women never used a sex appeal to sell records, except Salt-N-Pepa, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Trina, Eve and other women who could look good and rap at the same time. The truth is that Jermaine Dupri’s non-logical style has long been used by certain types of rap fanatics, not only to turn women against themselves, but also to humiliate rappers who use sex to help them sell. This time he is right about the latest comments by revolutionary hip-hop manager Jermaine Dupri about rappers. JD’s opinion of modern rappers is not very high, as she said to People magazine in a recent interview. While City Girls’ Yung Miami may not be the idol of lyrical talent, her rhyming partner who is currently stuck in JT is known to make a play on words in her half of her favorite rattle dancing. Who becomes the rapper? One day, someone will have to leave this form and talk about other things. Megan Uwe Hengst refutes this theory himself, while Cardi is sure that he will drop at least one jewel per verse. But Cardi has the ability to break down complex ideas and formulate them so simply and effectively that it is impossible to ignore what he says. The argument is incorrect for several reasons, including the assumption that women, if only because they are raped over sex or because they come from an environment like Cardi’s, can’t really rape. I feel like everyone is about the same thing and I don’t think they’re showing us who’s the best rapper. “When I did ‘Beware’, people started talking like crazy,” he remembered his fans on Instagram.

Cardi B Is