“I try things like the song Snoop Dogg that was on my album – I sing in Portuguese, he sings in English, so sometimes I change the language so people know it’s a regular song,” he says. When he arrived on set in Costa Rica to record the video “Make It Hot”, Major Laser’s Diploma and Walsy Fayer are sitting on a balcony overlooking the sea, with a BACARDÍ mojito next to “him”. He’s a great artist,” says Walsy Fire, “and you’ll see this on video. “Diploma tells me, “I met her many years ago,” and I was impressed with her energy, her atmosp. You can’t stop,” says Diplo after he called Cardie “everything. “She’s revolutionizing Instagram because it’s so rude, and I hope more people will do so. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! I took it off once, we looked at the Caribbean and it was in a hot air balloon, we decided to try it in the water. “Walsh is interfering: “Yes, he almost drowned. “Diploma remembers that this thing exploded, that it was cut and that I slowly sank into the middle of the ocean. Dre’s album “The Chronic”; “It was summer. “Although it looks like a “little kitschie,” Diplo says Snow’s informant says he about summer. When Diplo was asked to describe the song in three words, he chose “very, very hot”. “Translated freely: Very, very hot. “It’s hard to get insurance,” explains Mr. Diplo. For her, a 26-year-old boy says it’s “easy” to work with Major Laser in this session. “She explains: “We feel like a family. Anitta is a great star of Brazil, which makes her an ideal partner for partnership with Major Laser and BACARDÍ: “Friend, great energy. “I’m glad you asked,” says Diplo. VH1 BACARDÍ worked with Mayor Laser and Anitta in Costa Rica to talk about the new his video, the his collaboration and whether Diplo would return to one of these big hamsters for the festival. So if I sing in English or invite other artists, they won’t sing in Portuguese, we’ll meet resistance. “But that doesn’t mean Anitta isn’t trying to change that. In the summer, they crossed paths everyw. “The right choice: “Informed” is still the owner. “Whatever language people and the public might like, even if they don’t understand it.