“And it’s like, damn it! $400,000 for a birthday? But that’s because it’s his first birthday and it’s expensive! But after his first birthday .. Ha !” It doesn’t reveal exactly what it costs so much – perhaps it is really perforated in this inflatable castle – but we can assume that this feast will not resemble the usual neighborhood feast. However, parents love to give everything away, and it seems that Cardi B is no exception – in fact, she seems even more enthusiastic than the average father, according to the she video published in Instagram, which shows how much she is spending on the next Kulture party: $400,000. “Without lies, I spend about $400,” Cardi told her fans during a live Instagram animation session. Culture, however, will probably put “its” little fist on the cake and generally do all the good things that little kids do when they’re confused by what’s going on around them – which is about 80% of the time. Look, it is widely accepted that a child’s first birthday is more a matter for the parents than the child. In other Cardi B news, the mother and the prominent rapper are charged with crimes after a fight at a strip club. Babies generally don’t know what birthdays are, don’t care about parties, and don’t remember the first half dozen or more. Again, they are babies. All they know is eating, sleeping, shitting and crying.

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