TAG Heuer’s motto is “Don’t crack under the pressure,” and while Delevingne is far from cracking, you’d be fooled into thinking the situation involved no pressure at all.

What comes to mind when you think of Delevingne? She’s beautiful, yes.

I don’t understand how anyone doesn’t think global warming isn’t happening.

I have a really special connection with cats… just because I have so much respect and admiration for them I think they, kind of, fuck with me? But I always feel like cats are the boss.

It] doesn’t matter w you came from or w you went to school or how clever you are or how clever you think you are, or how pretty you are.

It’s so in our nature to question everything, and for women, we think “Water off a duck’s back.” This isn’t going to change with a generation, this is going to be something we teach our daughters.

So amid all this noise, do you think we’re improving?

Look, I think we are improving, but it’s always going to go up and down…. It’s not linear.