Diley Staaten: “Six months after the success of his single in the backseat, DYLI appears with a stunning record! Cotton Candy is a joint project with his music partner CALYN, who is also his sister. DYLI returns with a new joint project “Cotton Candy” and DYLI returns with a new motivational project “Cotton Candy”. Music Crowns is a global platform for discovering music artists, a point of contact for the world’s best unsigned, independent and newly hired music artists. With metaphorical formulas like “you can shove money down my throat and make it cleaner” and “if you don’t shove money down my throat, I’m better off alone,” she finally expresses the fact that if you don’t succeed in big and best things, she can do it without you. Zip from Delaware, USA, is releasing her new song called “Personal”. DYLI writes in game form about how to find yourself and raise “your” personal level. The elegant and enthusiastic R&B theme is exciting, fun and connected, but at the same time reflective and encouraging for listeners who want to continue to fight to achieve their goals. The song contains creative lyrics in the middle of a fun song, with a choir that will surely keep you on your feet. Is it Friday? Do you want new music? Well, we have it for you. Artist Dre.

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