Katy Perry has put any past disagreements she’s had with “Feels” partner Calvin Harris behind her.

“We just bumped into each other and he said, ‘I think I have a song that maybe you should come check out,'” Perry said in an interview with Seacrest on Aug. 23.

“I was like, ‘Cool,’ because we had always meant to work together for years and years and years.”

“We’d had little falling outs and t,” she admitted, perhaps referencing some public back-and-forth the pair had on Twitter when Harris canceled his spot on Perry’s tour in 2011.

“We’d had some public Twitter spats … Eight years or so had passed. It was time to put all that behind us.”

She continued: “I came to the studio and he played me a bunch of unfinished but really solid moments for his new record. Then he played me this one part for this new song called ‘Feels’ and I was like, ‘Oh yeah.’ This is like my favorite song off the record. I was just down to do it.”

Perry is hosting the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend, w she said she’ll be performing a “Hybrid of songs,” but offered few other details.