Takbae Cafe, Natalia Lafurkad works in Los Delles, Wisconsin: Alt. Latin We visited the third annual Los Dells Festival in downtown Wisconsin with Tacvba Café, Salt Cathedral, Ximena Sarinaña and Natalia Lafurkada. The new old one. Latin American writer Kenny Perez went backstage and interviewed Tacvba Café, Salt Cathedral, Ximena Sarinaña and Natalia Lafurkad. Viewers at the Los Angeles Festival in Wisconsin celebrate music and identity. This is the third annual Los Angeles Festival in downtown Wisconsin. This year’s two-day festival was attended by celebrities such as Takvba Café and Ozuna, as well as independent artists such as the Salty Cathedral. Luz Elena Mendoza is the first wife of Y La Bamba to perform at the Los Dells festival. When numbers reach a critical mass in developing countries of the South, North-East and Midwest, someone comes to concerts, live music in nightclubs and finally to festivals. A lot has been written about how the population of Latin America is developing beyond the largest and oldest concentration on the American coast. Luis Foncey, Pope Yankee and Mana have played together with regional bands in recent years. The theme of this week’s program is related to both cultural and musical identity. But t is another way to follow this evolution after the American census: by following the music. This will be followed by interviews that will be broadcast on Milwaukee Radio.

Cafe Tacvba Dells