“They shocked us and we were not prepared for it,” said BYU receiver Mitchell Juergens.

“We deserved that. It is definitely going to be a large learning tool, what we can do to move ahead from .”

Juergens, Kurtz and Colby Pearson caught two passes each.

“As a receiving corps, we’ve a good deal to fix, and that’s to be more physical, get open against man coverage,” Juergens said.

“That’s a great question,” offensive coordinator Robert Anae said when asked why the receivers could not get open.

He was sacked three times and t was one terrible snap.

“we’re, obviously, counting too much on our quarterback,” Anae said.

“It was too much. So yeah, the different parts of the team are going to need to take up the slack until we bring Tanner back up to par.”

Juergens credited Michigan’s defenders, but said their strategy was not different than what BYU has faced before.