By looking at the links that appear on the first page of Google search results, you can determine how positive or negative your online reputation is. If you find examples of your professional work in search results, professional profiles on social networks such as LinkedIn, and images and videos that support a positive online image of your personal brand, you are on the right track. Understanding and protecting your online reputation are two factors that can benefit your personal life and your career, both immediately and in the long run. Your online reputation is a completely unbiased factor, determined solely by links, articles, web pages, photos, videos, social media profiles, interactions and so on. If you know how your online reputation is formed, you will be able to create an online image that will help you succeed in life. Regardless of your situation, you always have the opportunity to improve your online reputation and, of course, your search engine rankings. Your online reputation can prevent you from succeeding in life if it has negatively impacted the ability of others to trust you as a professional. We are an online reputation and privacy management company that helps clients restore, promote and protect their online image. When you type your name into Google, the search results tell you what kind of online reputation you have. Your personal online reputation is a collection of online content that serves to build your overall online image. It can be the result of a negative online review, a misinterpreted social media post, or an article that portrays your name in a negative light. Your reputation is how others see you online, not how you see yourself. Some people find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having their reputation crisis reflected in search results. After you click the search button, Google scours the Internet looking for the most relevant, insightful and useful information it can offer users to learn more about the search, and in this case, that’s you. The first step to protecting your personal reputation is to know exactly what your reputation is.