With Gaptoof having just released a new album to raise money for the asylum seeker movement in Ireland right now, it’s crazy! And in so many genres. I think the media in Ireland tends to talk about producers the way they talk about artists or rappers, and that’s great. And while another underground rap talent is on Brickcellphone’s radar, loyal Offie Mag readers won’t need an introduction: it’s Gaptoof. T are many unfair systems in Ireland, and direct supply is one of the worst. So I’m happy to support MASI in any way I can. As for hardware, I love lo-fi hip-hop beats SP 404 for training, and as for software, I use bebo.com for my drummers and Limewire for pirated samples. All proceeds go to MASI, the Asylum Seekers Movement in Ireland. I will be very vague and say it will be released “soon,” but it is possible that it will not be released “soon.” The Cork producer entered our Top Projects of 2020 with “Looks Like Rain” and spoke to us on Offie Mag Radio in May. Many Irish producers are releasing solo projects. “Feel New” fills the void left by Chummy Tea. T seem to be a lot of Irish producers out t right now, and that’s great. I think it introduced me to styles of music that weren’t necessarily “mainstream” at the time. Well, I went to the office. Sorry the gang and I had to give up our champagne tea earlier this year.