Orchard Park, N.Y. – The Buffalo Bills didn’t want to be cleaning out their lockers today.

In the locker room Monday, Watkins said he thinks he found himself as a leader this season.

He’s ready to take another step in his development on the field and in the locker room.

“Just give your best and be on time, do the job, practice well, practice hard, be in shape. It only asks you five or six things, and it’s not hard. Just do your job. We’ll win, everybody wins, everybody gets what they want to get and we go to the playoffs and win a championship. That’s what it’s about. That’s all I care about is winning and these guys in this locker room. Everything else outside of that, I honestly don’t care about.”

Watkins said he thinks next year the team will do a better job of addressing issues within the walls of the locker room.

“We shouldn’t have guys like myself lashing out in the media. I shouldn’t put my feelings or emotions in the media. That was addressed. That’s what I like about it. Same thing with everybody. We should never bad talk any player any coach. Nothing should be talked about outside this locker room. Once we get that in and keep it within ourselves, we’ll be a great team.”

A few players who ended the season on injured reserve made their way through the locker room Monday.

Defensive tackle Marcell Dareus was not in the locker room but he revealed on Instrgram that he broke his foot and finished the game Sunday.