The Finalized Divorce: When Lynne told Britney that her divorce from Jamie was finalized, Britney wasn’t handling it too well despite knowing it was “a long time coming”.

“I don’t want this to push you into one of your funks,” Lynne told her daughter.

If that’s really how it went down, we’re sure she regrets it.

Who at this point was broken up with Justin, ended up back at the club shortly after calling her ex for some moral support.

It’s t she runs into him with another woman, and he fired at her, “Get over it. I did.”

Despite revisiting the many low points of Britney’s tumultuous career, Britney Ever After did highlight her comeback and her continued success, including her Las Vegas residency.

As all fans know, Britney is absolutely killing it these days with sold out shows, new music and a new beau!

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