Britney Spears suffered another wardrobe malfunction during a Wednesday, February 1, concert at her Piece of Me residency inside Planet Hollywood’s AXIS theater in Las Vegas.

Spears looked fit and fierce as she strutted her stuff across the stage in a glittering green, low-cut leotard.

One of the straps on her skin-baring ensemble slid over during some particularly energetic choreography, exposing her left nipple.

On October 23, Spears’ bra top popped open on stage as she performed her 2001 cover of “I Love Rock N’ Roll.” She handled it like a total pro and simply grabbed her chest and let her backup dancer re-clasp her in place – while still singing and dancing.

The “Slumber Party” songstress recounted the incident during an interview with Extra’s Mario Lopez.

She added: “One of my dancers, Zach, he came to me and put a shirt on me, so I had, like, a huge nightgown on stage it was kind of invigorating!”.

Naturally, the seasoned performer kept dancing and singing.

She only exited the stage when the song was over and the lights went down.

Watch Spears’ latest wardrobe malfunction above.