We started this column because we love Britney Spears and her enduring influence on pop culture and duh, society.

Naysayers have long tried to bemoan Britney’s “Lack of creative control,” and have attempted to prove how that allegation affects her career, and even her personal life.

For real, though: Britney truly doesn’t owe us anything, and yet, through her Instagram feed, we see the change we want be in the world.

As usual, Britney has great taste, because of the millions of fan-related content she likely receives on the daily, she selected THIS one to expose her 19-million-and-counting followers to.

Do you think Britney goes ham on some pancakes? Is that a muffin on the plate in front of her? I wonder how much the uneaten scraps of her meal would sell for on eBay.

Does any of that matter? How do you think Britney speaks to herself? Do you think she, like, sings to herself, or do you think she’s like “I’m awesome,” and does the pig nose gesture from the Chaotic days? Do you think Britney made this meme art herself? She is an artist, you know.

Here Britney is, presumably in the morning, with mane aflow, heavy eyeliner, a bathrobe, and a cup of coffee, acting out a scene that maybe Julia Roberts played out in her seminal role.

I don’t love that Britney could fall off her balcony because of the acting, because that’s unsafe and I’d literally never stop crying.

If I made such an error in the Sacred Filming of Britney Jean Spears, I’d probably just get demoted to second assistant to the first assistant of Britney’s kids, which I’d arguably still be okay with.