Brigitte Macron has been shedding a little light on what life at the top is like as France’s first lady, nearly a year after husband Emmanuel Macron was elected as France’s president.

When he was elected, Mr Macron ditched plans to create a first lady status, setting up an official role instead. “What I do not like is that t is never [any] time off,” she told French radio.

On the inside, she feels she is “Emmanuel Macron’s wife, not the wife of the president. I don’t feel that I am a first lady,” she adds.

She acknowledges that she bears the responsibilities of a first lady, that of representing her country, but that “Otherwise I live a normal life; I meet people… I haven’t changed, either in my head or in the way I live.”

Upon Emmanuel Macron’s election, Brigitte Macron was given an official role, funded from Mr Macron’s budget.

Whenever she can, she says she manages to escape on short occasions without Mr Macron and do things outside of the official programme.

The Macrons met when Brigitte was Emmanuel’s drama teacher in secondary school.

Later, when Mr Macron ran for high office, his wife was credited with influencing his views on women in politics.