Video has been going around of Brendan Schaub and Nate Diaz in mid-argument over Mayweather vs McGregor, an argument that quickly almost turned into a fight.

Schaub claims he told Nate Diaz that he’s the next fight for McGregor & Diaz said “Hell no, look how fucking stupid you look now”.

Conveniently, all the footage starts at the very next line w Schaub was debating Diaz saying how many rounds McGregor won.

Brendan Schaub tried to explain the situation on the Joe Rogan Experience yesterday, to clear up the altercation.

What he claims isn’t shown in the video is Schaub telling Nate Diaz that McGregor will fight him next.

Instead of talking about that, allegedly Nate Diaz just started insulting Schaub because of everything he said in the build-up to the fight.

One of the things Schaub didn’t say to Rogan while talking about the situation that you can watch above, is that he brought up McGregor ‘teeing off’ on Diaz in response to Nate telling him that he lacked boxing knowledge.

Either way, it looked like Nate Diaz was ready to fight Schaub after their conversation.