EAST RUTHERFORD – Brandon Marshall was streaking down the right sideline early in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s game against the Lions.

Quarterback Eli Manning released a perfect deep ball that hit the open Marshall in stride.

Marshall was expected to be a crucial offseason addition, but he’s been a flop in his first two games.

Marshall failed to use his size on a well-thrown go route into the end zone that was broken up by Lions cornerback Darius Slay later in the fourth quarter.

“I should’ve made that play as well,” Marshall said.

The problem for Marshall is that he hasn’t made any plays in his first two games with the Giants.

“I actually think I’m doing a good job. It’s a new role for me, so I’m in the game and I’m trying to make plays w ever I can. Whether it’s in the run game or the pass game. I got an opportunity tonight, I got a few opportunities tonight and I let my team down.”