The last opponent is Brandon Boyd from Incubus who said it “hurts” his feelings about Nu Metal bands that are “deeply misogynistic”. “It was a little strange to be associated with some of the bands of the time that were very misogynistic and violent in content because of the vibrations,” said leader Kerrang in a new interview. Korn recently also denied the Nu Metal label and called it a misogynist, although Jonathan Davis admits that they “led” the movement. “I remember specifically that Fieldy de Korn saw us when we were in the restoration, saliva and knowing that we were not allowed to eat t. Lately it seems that a handful of bands reject the idea of the name Nu Metal for some reason. Boyd had positive words when he thought of touring with Korn, despite his nu-metal tires. And he says, “Are you hungry?” and we all looked at he as stray dogs and waved and he said, “Go eat”. And it was a great moment. Incubus celebrates the 20th anniversary of its third album, Make Yourself, with an American tour. 2019 Loudwire is part of the Loudwire Network, Townsquare Media, Inc. dates can be found .

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